Mary Novak

Licensed Realtor

So You Want To Sell Your Home...
By Owner


According to the National Association of Realtors Sellers who list with a Realtor sell there home for 16% MORE than FSBO.


Most For Sale By Owners  (FSBO) sites are only on the internet. Who goes to these sites?  Realtors (looking for clients); Neighbors (wondering what your home looks like); Nosey People?   Who WILL see that FSBO sign?  Your neighbors?

You don?t pay anything until your home sells.  The listing agent is taking all of the financial risk.

Realtors UNDERSTAND and KNOW the market

On average realtors are working with a minimum of 10 QUALIFIED buyers

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) 

Realtors have computerized information on every home which they send to their clients on a regular basis (drip campaign)

Representation for the Seller

Your home will SELL faster with a Realtor

Easy access for buyers to view properties.  Do you know as a FSBO who you are letting into your home?  Is that person qualified to purchase your home? Studies show that buyers will offer much less thinking that the FSBO needs to sell.

Just because I took Science class in H.S. doesn't make me a scientist.

If I called you right now with an offer, what is the first, second, third, thing you need to do? If you can't answer this question in 5 seconds you need to call a Realtor.

Most people think realtors just stick a sign in your front yard and that is all that we do.  Call me for a complete list of what we do to get the job done right!

Here are just a few places that your home will be listed!  Because I advertise in The Real Estate Book

and my MLS Board syndicates your listing throughout the web!