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Livingston County Golf Courses

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Livingston County golf courses are located in a quite, serene setting. Perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. Tree lined, hills, sandtraps, and watered fairways create beautiful grounds that still challenge golfers of all ages and skill levels. Many golf courses offer discounted rates throughout the year.


 Below are a list of Livingston County Golf Courses:

Click on the link to see more infomation about that golf course, their rates, and any special deals they are currently running.

Dunham Hills Golf Club

Hartland Glen Golf Course

Hawk Meadows at Dama Farms

Hunters Ridge

The Majestic at Lake Walden

Chemung Hills Golf Club and Banquet Center

Huntmore Golf Club

Golf would be much easier if we played the same hole 18 times in a row.  What if you only needed to hit a handful of shots and you could spend all your time mastering them?  That is NOT a golf reality! Though golf is challenging, it is a very relaxing sport due to the beautiful surroundings.

A golfer wants to neautralize either slicing or hooking tendencies by balancing out the pressure in your dominate hand.  (Source - Golf Tips magazine)